About Michelle

I live and work in North Carolina’s Triangle area, and was born and raised in North Dakota. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion and Sociology, a Masters in Social Work, over 400 hours of Yoga Teacher training, and a certificate as an End of Life Doula. I am a queer, nonbinary (they and she pronouns), disabled, trauma survivor who has been studying oppression, death, and accessibility for fifteen years in both my personal and professional life. (See more in the Why I Do This Work section)!

Other ways I practice Embodied Living: walk dogs, write children’s books, professional journal articles, and poetry, read (a lot), go to performances with friends and family, and snuggle with my two cats, Meri and Dharma.

My fear-based thinking is no longer able to convince my intuition that they are the same.
— Michelle Neumann