Embodied Dying

What is Embodied Dying? Embodied dying can result from embodied living. Additionally, embodied dying means dying your way: knowing and deciding on your options, embracing the vast expanse of emotions that come at end of life, finding comfort, connection, and confidence with your loved ones and their continuation of life, and completing any unfinished emotional and practical business.

Some of the specific ways I can support you in dying a more embodied death:

  • Guided meditations for pain and embodiment

  • Advocacy to support you dying your way

  • Planning for death (funeral, legacy, vigil, vision, etc.)

  • Help discover and decide on after death options (traditional burial, cremation, green burial, etc.)

  • Support in grief for you and your loved ones

  • Challenge assumptions regarding end of life decisions

  • Co-create sacred spaces

  • Co-create grief and death rituals

  • Tools to create your best last three months of life

  • Emotional and spiritual support

  • Demystify the stages of the dying process with resources, conversations, and ritual practices

  • Help you to be with intense emotion through mindfulness, grounding practices, and communication

  • Honor and center your beliefs

  • Holding space for everything important to you

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.
— Khalil Gibran