Monday night yoga class at  colors of yoga raleigh

Monday night yoga class at colors of yoga raleigh

Embodied Living

What is embodied living? Embodied living means to realize, express, manifest, encapsulate your deepest, truest self. Realizing your dreams, expressing your personality, manifesting your desires, and encapsulating your essence are all aspects of living an embodied life. Some results of living this way include:

  • Finding and feeling a deep sense of purpose

  • Maintaining motivation toward accomplishing your goals

  • Finding joy in daily life

  • Cultivating meaningful relationships

  • Feeling a deep sense of love and trust for yourself

  • Making better decisions using your intuition

  • Moving through difficult times with integrity

Some specific ways I can support you in living a more embodied life:

  • Personalized and private yoga, created specifically for you

  • Mindfulness and meditation coaching

  • Support in creating sustainable self-care routines

  • Communicating with others (coming out, rebuilding relationships, speaking up for yourself, etc.)

  • Connecting to your body and your breath

  • Starting or continuing your trauma healing process

  • Co-creating daily rituals

  • Chakra exploration and healing

  • Co-creating altars

  • Accepting and embracing change

  • Death awareness and acceptance work

  • Family history and ancestor exploration

  • Grounding tools and techniques

  • Accessing and healing grief you carry

  • Exploring and increasing understanding of power, privilege, and oppression

  • Embracing your internal power and self-love

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.
— Oscar Wilde