“Michelle is dedicated to helping people cultivate their own safety. Her calm supportive energy and matter of fact acceptance of me where I am always puts me at ease in a way that helps me move beyond my anxiety about my process to a place where I can start to realize my potential. Her support is life altering in its steadfastness.”

— Mariana G.

“Can not say enough great things about Michelle. She introduced me to Yin Yoga and completely changed my life. I had done Yoga in the past but mostly stayed away from this form. Not only is she knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough; she is friendly, warm, and a general joy to be around.”

— JaLisha R.

“From day one of meeting you, you shifted something inside of me in a VERY GOOD way. Though you may have still been and may still be on a journey, you always presented as someone who is comfortable in the skin they are in. And that made me uncomfortable because I still hadn't began to understand my skin. BUT you made me truly look inward (as I type sitting here at work with tears in my eyes) and begin the discovery to Jasmine. You invited me without knowing you invited me to shed the myths, traditions, lies and all that I was told was good or bad, to rewrite my narrative and only keep what I wanted to and add what I desired. I have learned so much from you. YOU ARE A SAFE PLACE. YOU ARE A SAFE SOFT PLACE!! YOU ARE A GENTLE BREEZE TO MY SPIRIT. YOU ARE BALM TO MY HEART AND I THANK YOU!!! Thank you (even though it sucked and it was hard full of pain, ups and downs and unfair sometimes) for your journey cause your journey is helping me to find myself.”

— Jasmine A.

I met Michelle at a yoga studio in Raleigh that was offering a class for free. My friend and I were the only people who showed up, but despite my friend and I suggesting we could always come back for a future- fuller- class, Michelle insisted on holding the class anyway. Michelle adjusted their teachings to meet our experience level with yoga, suggested poses based on our energy levels and physical needs, and blessed us with their calm and easy presence.

— Roanoke H.

“Michelle is a quiet powerhouse when it comes to yoga. She’s very attentive and observant which is refreshing and evident in the way she caters her instruction to her class participants. I enjoy her classes because her energy is so welcoming of everyone regardless of our differences. My favorite part of being in her class is the discussion we have afterwards. We always sit with our tea and recap our experience. She makes me feel heard and accepted while also suggesting ways to enhance my practice. Overall, she has a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to practice that I enjoy weekly.”

— Jaimica W.

Michelle Neumann is both a healer and a force for change. They have shown me the power of intuition, and keep a consistent spiritual practice in their home life. When you meet Michelle, it is like meeting a small sun. Some folks just bleed light into the world around them and stand out like a sore thumb for their goodness, and Michelle is both that and a powerhouse of innovation and righteous justice. If you’re looking for someone to both hold you and advocate for you tirelessly, all while maintaining personal humility, you’ve found them.

— AJ H.